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  1. Great information and I like how you explained the shrine or temple and how to make a day of it! Thanks

    • Thanks so much for the feedback Meah! Just hit 5 months so still lots to do! I really appreciate the feedback. Lauren

  2. Nice to know about that

  3. Very well presented and a comprehensive guide

  4. Hi love your blog- any chance you might do an article about teenage activities in and around Tokyo? So much info and activities for the young ones, but not so much for the 13-16 age group! Thanks!

    • Hi Kim, Thanks. Glad you like our site. I have only been building it since September 2014 so we have more to add. I actually have three boys between 17-12 years so we do have some content. We are adding more. I would recommend the following which are all on the site. 1. Edo Museum, 2. CupNoodle, 3. Enoshima, 4. Nezu Museum, 5. Farmers Market, 6. Open Air Museum, 7. 21-21 Design Sight. Keep following us and please tell your friends about BestLivingJapan.com. Kindest Lauren

  5. Enjoyed reading all articles. Very helpful in planning trips to sales, shrines and salons. I used this to help my visitors.
    Thank you!

  6. JoAnne Fairchild

    Very informative website! Thank you!

  7. Great info re 3-day Aomori Lake Towada trip.
    We love off the beaten track destinations. Have done many but not Aomori. Likely to explore this autumn after reading your blog.

    Thanks so much.

    • Thanks Nancy, I have now been to the same area twice. Once in the fall and once in the Spring. Both times were lovely. Highly recommend.

  8. Hi,

    My name is Maggie Constantino and I am a military spouse and founder of the website http://www.vintagesources.com in which we are listing various shrine/flea markets throughout the world. I live in Sasebo, Japan but was hoping to find out more information about the shrine sales you have listed.

    Thank you,

  9. فلش مموری

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    here are very nice article

  10. Great article. Any thing coming up for the first week of December when I am there Dec 1-8th?

  11. excuse is the kids area for free or must pay money i have 2. babies 3 and 2 years old

  12. When I was in Osaka in the early 1990’s, there was a street vendor who sold baked sweet potatoes out of a cart early in the morning. I used to love him singing ” yaki-mo. Yaki-mo.” Have you ever heard of this?

    • Yes, Barb, the Yakimo vendors still travel select neighborhoods around Tokyo and Osaka calling out their “hot potatoes” calls. Love the sound and the smell. Always a sign that autumn has arrived. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thank you so much for your lovely presentation and information in this blog on Japan. I am an American living in France, retired, and I want to use my mileage points for a trip that is on my own bucket list so I picked Japan, probably Tokyo for the most part. I enjoy the polite culture of Japan and look forward to learning more about it and trying to study some of the language before going. I will probably be taking some time to plan this trip during the right weather, good sweater or jacket weather as the heat bothers me. I will keep reading your blog and learn as much as I can before going. Many thanks again for your excellent research and suggestions. Lovely photos too!!

    • Thank you Jackie, The fall and spring in Japan is loverly. Thank you for your positive feedback on our site. We hope you have a wonderful trip. Lauren & Sandra

  14. Great site with great information. With a 4 year old and 2 year old…this has been invaluable.

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    I am impressed with this site, real I am a big fan.

  16. Very well documented blog.

  17. JOANNE obispo

    I have 1question.. If my child born here in the Philippines and the father is japanese.. But how to apply a japanese passport.. But we have kosekitohon from japan..
    My child needs two passport.. Also Philippines passport.. Please reply

    • Hello Joanne, you need to visit the Japanese consulate in the Philippines and apply for citizenship/passport. Lauren

  18. Matt Zyniewicz

    Lauren, this is a wonderful site.!I just found out about it from Tats. (Little bit of history) we became friends while he attended our high school in St. Joseph, Michigan. I have passed along your site to friends. It really is well done. Hope to meet you some day.
    Best wishes,
    Matt Zyniewicz
    (We live in South Bend, IN)

  19. Hi Lauren,
    As a newcomer to Tokyo your website has been invaluable, it’s so informative and got great articles/topics.
    Have you done anything on driving and parking in and around Tokyo? We haven’t got a car yet but not looking forward to the first few weeks of having to fathom out parking meters etc!

  20. Andre Zimmermann

    Always interested in good hints and info

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