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Tokyo Breakfast Brunch – 23+ Spots for Eggs, Pancakes and more


Here are more than 23+ great Tokyo breakfast brunch spots. Looking for a good spot for Tokyo breakfast or brunch on the weekend?  I love breakfast! I am a very earlier riser, so breakfast is my main meal of the day.  There are many other Tokyo Breakfast Brunch spots, but …

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Gokokuji Temple and Higo Hoskawa Garden English Guided Tour

gokokuji temple

Bunkyo City International Exchange Group is offering a free English guided tour of Gokokuji Temple, Higo Hosakawa Garden and Edogawa Park on Sunday, March 25th from 9:45am to 12:30pm  (Sign up by Thursday, March 22nd). Gokoku-ji Temple (護国寺) is a Shingon Buddhist temple in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward. The temple was built in 1681 …

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Spring 2018 Tokyo International School Festivals

Over the next three months, there are some great Spring 2018 Tokyo International school festivals to attend. You do not need to have a child at these schools to attend and enjoy global cooking, music and many flea markets and raffles. Attending the Spring 2018 Tokyo International school festivals is …

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