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Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Roppongi Area with Kids

Start your morning by taking a stroll at Mohri Garden located near Asashi TV and the Roppongi Hills Arena. It`s a beautiful Japanese garden built around a pond with pink cherry blossoms in Spring, red maple leaves in Autumn and illuminations in Winter. Also a lovely place for photos.

Address: 6-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku. Roppongi Hills

*** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Roppongi Area with Kids  ***

Tokyo Breakfast Brunch Eggcellent Breakfast Tokyo www.bestlivingjapan.com Eggcellent Breakfast Tokyo www.bestlivingjapan.com

** Reopening in Roppongi Hills Hillside B1F on February 22nd and a short stroll from Mohri Garden is Eggcellent. If you like eggs and wake up early than Eggcellent is an excellent option. We`re hoping they`ll keep the adorable and unique entranceway as the old location; sculpted as an egg shell with the floor tiled to look like a yolk. Super child-friendly with a great breakfast menu.

Address: 6-4-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours: weekdays 7:00 – 21:00, weekends 8:00 – 21:00
Tel: 03-3423-0089
Website: http://www.eggcellent.co.jp

*** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Roppongi Area with Kids  ***


If you have active kids we recommend spending your morning at Robot Park. Sakurazaka Park (さくら坂公園), better known as Robot Park, is located next to the Roppongi Hills mega complex. It’s a small park, but it’s well-designed with safety in mind. It`s filled with colorful, contoured plastic slides, robot-designed spring-riders, and a long rolling-pin slide to entertain the kids. There`s also a small, shaded seating area for parents and kids to lunch or have a snack.

Address: 6-16-46 Roppongi, Minato-ku (港区六本木六丁目16番46号) 
Phone: 03-5114-8803
Access: Roppongi Station

*** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Roppongi Area with Kids  ***

A great breakfast option, though priced on the higher end is the French Kitchen. Located 2 minutes from Robot Park and in the Grand Hyatt Roppongi Hills this is our go to for special girlfriend brunches. If you want a place for a 1-2 hour leisurely break and brunch, this is the place. The food is fantastic and the restaurant spacious and comfortable. We love the outdoor terrace and indoors the private dining room. Definitely our favorite Tokyo Breakfast Brunch location.

Address: Grand Hyatt Hotel, 6-10-3 Roppongi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Hours: breakfast/brunch is everyday 6:30-10:30
Tel: 03-4333-8781
Website: http://restaurants.tokyo.grand.hyatt.com/french-kitchen-tokyo/

*** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Roppongi Area with Kids  ***

We highly recommend a visit to the Mori Art Museum for their creative and educational exhibits. The current exhibition is Leandro Erlich`s: “Seeing and Believing” where he employs optical illusions and sound effects to shake up our notions of common sense. Watch as you or your child hang from a building, gaze into an infinity mirror and more. Fun for the entire family.

Exhibit Dates: till – Sunday, April 1, 2018
Address: 53F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: Direct connection from Exit 1C of Roppongi Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (direct link to concourse); 4 minute walk from Exit 3 of Roppongi Station on the Toei Subway Oedo Line; 5 minute walk from Exit 7 of Azabu-Juban Station on the Toei Subway Oedo Line; 8 minute walk from Exit 4 of Azabu-Juban Station on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line.
Website (in English)http://www.mori.art.museum/en/exhibitions/LeandroErlich2017/

*** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Roppongi Area with Kids  ***
Snoopy Museum Tokyo, Best Living Japan Tokyo snoopy museum
If you are a die-hard Snoopy fan, this is a great history museum that chronicles both Charles M. Schulz life and work.  Since the museum is very history based and entails a lot of reading I do not recommend for younger children. I think teens and above will enjoy spending 1-2 hours reading the comics and learning the progress of Mr. Schulz’s life. Every six months, the Snoopy Museum introduces new exhibitions curated by the Charles M. Schulz Museum.

Exhibit Dates: Until – April 8th, 2018 (Sun)
Address: Roppongi 5-6-20, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: 7 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Roppongi Station, and 10 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Azabu Juban Station
Website (in English)http://www.snoopymuseum.tokyo/en/

*** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Roppongi Area with Kids  ***
Pintokona Pintokona Pintokona
Grab lunch at Pintokona (ぴんとこな) kaiten sushi or conveyor belt sushi. Pintokona offers delicious sushi in a family-friendly and non-smoking environment. If with young kids request to sit near the back of the restaurant. Kids can take of their shoes and sit floor level with sunken seating for legs. A fun and unique dining experience.

Address: 6-4-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Metro Hat / HOLLYWOOD Plaza B2F (〒106-0032 東京都港区 六本木6-4-1 六本木ヒルズメトロハットB2 メトロハット
Phone: 03-5771-1133
Hours: Daily 11:00 – 23:00(L.O.22:00)
Access: 5 minutes from Roppongi Station on the Hibiya Line.
Website: https://kiwa-group.co.jp/pintokona/

We also recommend Arata Izakaya, a child-friendly and non-smoking izakaya that opens for lunch and has 2 private rooms. They serve home-style Kyoto cuisine and grilled dishes. Although the restaurant is located on the ground floor it has a couple ascending and descending steps. Leave your stroller at the door. Good food, and fun atmosphere. Note your kids might get distracted with the crystal glass Kabuki image on the ceiling.

Address: 6-10-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku. B2F Hillside in Roppongi Hills
Phone: 03-3478-5881
Hours: 11:00 – 24:00 (L.O. 23:30)
Website: http://www.a-ra-ta.com/#TOP

*** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Roppongi Area with Kids  ***

Rabbits, Hedgehogs and Chinchillas, Ms.Bunny Usagi Cafe 
If your kids love to cuddle animals then visit the Ms.Bunny Shop and Cafe. For a little under 1,500 JPY for 30 mins, your child can hold rabbits, hedgehogs or chinchillas. Note: they do have strict rules on the amount of time each animal can be held so some may not be available.  During the 30 min session, you may hold two animals. The store/cafe is small but a nice space, six to eight people can fit at one time. The helpers provide a blanket to rest the animal on and will help you hold and pet correctly. You can also buy food for the animal; veggies for the rabbits and chinchillas and little worms for the hedgehogs for an incremental 500 JPY.

The Ms. Bunny Usagi Cafe and Shop are above another Hedgehog cafe on the second floor. They are separate businesses. We recommend the Ms. Bunny Usagi Cafe if you want to experience more than just hedgehogs.

Address: 6-7-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3404-1182
Business Hours: Open everyday  12:00 – 21:00 (reception until 19:00)

*** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Roppongi Area with Kids  ***
Hinokicho ParkHinokicho Park

Tokyo Midtown (東京ミッドタウン) is one of our favorite family-friendly spots to spend the day. It is home to several art museums, family-friendly seasonal events, a spacious green park and lush Japanese garden, medical center, services, restaurants and shopping.

We love spending the morning visiting 21 – 21 Design Sight for their innovative exhibits and the Suntory Museum of Art which holds over 3,000 articles of Japanese ceramics, paintings, lacquerware and glass, and the National Art Museum. Another favorite is Fuji Film Square, a free photo gallery that has been established to allow visitors of all ages to enjoy and experience the elements of photography, and Hinokicho Park, the lush and perfectly manicured Japanese Garden and playground park.

Address: 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo (東京都港区赤坂9-7-1)
Phone: 03-5413-7015
Hours: Shops 11:00-21:00; Restaurants 11:00-24:00.
Access: Roppongi Station (Oedo line), exit 8; (Hibiya line), exit 8 via underground passageway near exit 4a; Nogizaka Station (Chiyoda line), exit 3
Website: http://www.tokyo-midtown.com/en/

*** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Roppongi Area with Kids  ***

One of our favorite place to dine with visitors to Tokyo is Shabu zen, an all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu and sukiyaki restaurant that serves premium Japanese beef. They offer table seating or private tatami rooms – great for families with young kids and for large dinner parties.

Address: Aoba Roppongi Bldg. B1F, 3-16-33 Roppongi, Minato-ku.
Hours: Mon-Sat: 4pm-11:30pm (Last 10:30pm) Sun & Hols: 4pm-11pm (Last 10:00pm)
Tel: 03-3585-5600
Website: http://roppongi.shabuzen.jp/

*** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Roppongi Area with Kids  ***

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Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Roppongi Area with Kids


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